DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme

The stage and tables provided by the Village Hall for the use of hirers and for our own events had seen better days. Although we have had great use out of them over the years they were showing their age. 

Replacing them has been part of the Committee’s plans for some time but other priorities meant the funds were not available.

Working closely with the DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme, which supported our building extension, the committee were able to apply for and receive a very generous grant of £7,500 towards replacements for the stage and tables. This represents almost 65% of the costs involved. Without this significant support we would have had to soldier on with the old equipment.

The staging is a strong, but light, collapsible modular system which is easily erected and dismantled. The modular design enables a whole host of different configuration options providing stages of all different shapes and sizes. Being collapsible, it is easier to move and store than the old stage which provides health and safety benefits.

The table are also lightweight whilst being sturdy enough for all potential uses. The modern design involved ensures there will be no more the bruised knees and spilt drinks which were sometimes associated with the old tables! The new tables are foldable and easily handled which will, once again, provide health and safety benefits.

The photographs show our new store area and the new equipment which are a welcome improvement for the users of the Village Hall. It should also make life a little easier for our hard working Caretaker!

The Committee would like to express their thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme for their generous support without which this new equipment could not have been acquired.

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