Roof and Car Park

DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme

Biddulph Moor Village Hall has had a facelift with the refurbishment of the roof and the car park. This project has been made possible with the generous support of the DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme.

Over the years, people have become much more demanding about the quality of the venues they hire for their events. It was felt that the appearance of the Village Hall had become a barrier to potential hirers with the most significant issues being the roof and car park.

The roof was the original construction with poor appearance and was prone to leaks during certain weather conditions. A partial roof refurbishment had been undertaken at the time of the extension carried out in 2012 but most of the roof remained in poor condition.

Due to usage and inclement weather the car park had become rough and rutted with broken and misaligned kerbstones and a number of potholes forming. The lining had also become indistinct in some areas.

Both these issues had a negative impact on the overall appearance of the hall and were the first things that hirers noticed.

The committee have had plans for implementing improvements for some time and have made huge efforts to seek and secure the funding required.

Working closely with the DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme through Staffordshire County Council, which supported our building extension, the Committee were able to apply for and receive a very generous grant of £67,589 towards the refurbishment of the roof and car park. This represents almost 93.5% of the costs involved with the Village Hall contributing the remaining 6.5% from their own funds, which is a significant proportion of the reserves available. Without this significant support the refurbishment project would have remained just an aspiration.

The replacement roof is constructed from the latest materials including modern insulation technology which will reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact. In addition, improved sound insulation will reduce the disturbance to neighbours and impose fewer restrictions on performers and discos.

The car park has been completely resurfaced with all the kerbstones either re aligned or replaced and new lining ensures that all parking places are clearly marked and visible.

The photographs show the new roof and car park. There has been a big improvement to the Village Hallís appearance and this will further enhance the attraction of the venue for potential hirers. This will benefit the hirers and the entire local community for whom the village hall is the focal point for events and entertainment.

The Committee would like to express their thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the DEFRA Communities Mean Business Programme for their generous support without which this refurbishment could not have been undertaken.

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